Home Extension in Abercorn

Getting a good house extension done in Abercorn can really open up the space in your home and increase its market value at the same time.

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Home Extension in Abercorn

Getting a good house extension done in Abercorn can really open up the space in your home and increase its market value at the same time. Considering the cost of buying a new home, including all the fees of moving, you should consider adding more space to your current home instead of moving to a new one. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of your home.

Putting Together a Solid Brief for the House Extension

The first step is to think about how you would like to change your property in Abercorn. This gives you a brief about the extension project. Right now you should focus more on what you want, such as a bigger kitchen or bedroom, rather than focusing on the specifics of how you are going to achieve that goal. When you can say what you want to get out of the extension then an architect can put together the specifics for you. You might learn that the idea you had isn’t the best choice after all. Here are the things you need to put in your brief.


  • The budget you want to work with and the absolute maximum budget you have with contingency


  • This is the things you absolutely need out of your extensions such as more space for entertaining guests or an independent annexe

Any Problems with your Home, Such As

  • If you need an extra bedroom
  • If you want a bedroom to have an en suite built
  • If the kitchen needs to be made larger
  • If you aren’t using all the space in your garage
  • If you need an independent annexe

Future Proofing

  • Make sure there is room for kids to have the space they need as they get older
  • Have a more efficient boiler installed

The Needs of Your Family

  • How big is your family?
  • Do you have older people living with the family?
  • Does the extended family visit often and need space?

Other Considerations

  • Do you prefer contemporary spaces?
  • How do you feel about beams?
  • Are you living in a conservation area?
  • Do your neighbours have a party wall?
  • Can You Remodel Your Exisiting Space?

Before you make the decision to extend your home think about all the space you have that you aren’t using. Think about integrating the cupboards you aren’t using, or the landing spaces, or even turning one large bedroom into two smaller ones. It’s possible to convert the space you already have such as having a loft conversion done or making better use of your basement and garage. If you take this approach you will often spend less than going with an extension and it also means you don’t need to give up your garden space. You should only extend your house if it’s not possible to remodel or convert it so talk to an architect about your options.

Will Your Home Extension Match Your Current Home?

If you can pull off the home extension properly then it will look like your home always looked the way it does now. It can be difficult to do it this seamlessly though as it means having to match materials and blend together the old and the new. A home extension usually involves a delicate balance between getting new materials and making use of the existing materials. Something else you can consider doing is having the extension done in a deliberately different style – such as combining a period property with a contemporary looking design. Think about what you can do with your house and the options you have and avoid the obvious mistakes and you can’t go wrong with your home extension.

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